Smoke Porter

Smoke porter is a style of smoke beer or ‘rauchbier’ if you want to go by the traditional (and original) German name that, rather than using lager as its base, uses the fruitier and more robust porter instead. This seemingly small change makes quite the difference in terms of both flavor and the overall look of the beer, and, when that deep, luscious porter is added to the wood-smoked malt barley, it triggers a true taste sensation.

Regarding that wood smoked malt barley, the type of wood used does make a difference, and many smoke porter makers will cite exactly which type of wood has been used in the making of their particular beer. For a true smoke porter enthusiast, trying out each version is something to savor, and it will give you a deeper appreciation of the beer you’re drinking.

Enjoy a Smoke Porter

Much like the larger-based smoke beer, a smoke porter can be something of an accustomed taste, which is why it’s so great for beer tasting gatherings as well as for those who simply love the taste. It’s different, unique, even, and by choosing this beer over and above any other, you are making a statement. It’s not for everyone, but that’s perfectly okay.

Why Try a Smoke Porter?

Interestingly, a smoke porter is better the longer you leave it in its bottle. It is produced in small batches on November 1 each year, and, if you can stand to wait for it to mature, drinking it months later will only add to the flavor. Of course, if you want to drink it right away you’re not going to lose anything – it’s your beer, so it’s your choice.