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Victoria Breweries to Explore in 2021


Victoria has had a long love affair with craft beer and boats a wonderful mix of craft breweries and brewpubs ready for beer-lovers to enjoy. Located in BC’s capital city, these Victoria craft breweries will not disappoint!

What are the top breweries in Victoria?

Did you know that Victoria is home to Canada’s very first brewpub? With a long history dedicated to enjoying craft beer, Victoria is a prime destination for beer lovers. With a mix of breweries and even more brewpubs located across the island, you’re choices of where to enjoy a great local craft beer are not limited. As with all of our posts, we focus on the source of the craft beer itself, local craft breweries in Victoria serving up some of the best and most inventive craft brews.

One of the great things about Victoria’s love of craft beer is that there are lots of options for brewery tours throughout the city. These are perfect if you want to hit up multiple breweries in one day and learn a bit more about each brewery you visit. We’ve done our fair share of brewery tours and the ones offered in Victoria are amongst our favorite. So whether you’re hopping on a professional brewery tour or designing your own, here’s our list of ones you cannot miss out on when visiting Victoria.

How we picked the best Victoria Breweries?

With every ‘top breweries’ post that we write, we make sure to do diligent online research to determine who makes it on our list. From reading online reviews and reviewing beer selections, to checking other authority websites and of course, sampling their beers. We do our best to take all the information we collect and give you our opinion of the top breweries in Victoria.

However, we know we aren’t perfect and if we’ve missed a Victoria brewery that you think should be on this list, please write a comment below and we’ll consider adding them!


We enjoy many of the breweries located in Victoria but we’ve chosen our top 6 for 2021. Ready to see who made the list?

Philips Brewing
Photo Source: Philips Brewing Facebook Page

Philips Brewing & Malting Co.

The biggest craft brewery in Victoria offers 16 different beers on tap from their original releases when they opened in 2001 to creative new batch brews. With everything brewed on-site (they even make their own craft sodas), you can’t get much more local than enjoying a fresh craft beer from Philips.

  • Address: 2010 Government St, Victoria, BC V8T 4P1
  • Beers to try: Longboat Chocolate Porter and Solaris White Peach Ale
Hoyne Brewing
Photo Source: Hoyne Brewing Facebook Page

Hoyne Brewing Company

Hoyne Brewing opening in 2011 with a focus on the traditional brewing of quality craft beers. They operate under the belief that “fine beer is one f life’s simple pleasures” and we couldn’t agree more. Though their tasting room is small, the flavours of their classic European beers are big and not to be missed when visiting Victoria.

  • Address: 101-2740 Bridge St, Victoria, BC V8T 5C5
  • Beers to try: Hoyne Pilsner and Helios Dortmunder
Driftwood Brewing
Photo Source: Driftwood Brewery Facebook Page

Driftwoodwood Brewery

Neighours with Hoyne Brewing, our next pick opened in 2008 and focuses on brewing “new” old-world beers. Driftwood offers craft beers with a Belgian style flair to them. Inside their cozy taproom, you’ll find their 6-taps rotate between their signature line up and seasonal experimental brews.

  • Address: 102-450 Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 1Y7
  • Beers to try: Fat Tug IPA and White Bark Witbier
Whistle Buoy Brewing
Photo Source: Whistle Buoy Brewing Website

Whistle Buoy Brewing

A newcomer to the Victoria craft beer scene, Whistle Buoy Brewing opened in 2019. Bringing one of the best patios in the heart of downtown to enjoy craft beer, this craft brewery focuses on makes small-batch experimental beers. The owners built this brewery to focus on creativity and flexibility when it comes to their craft beer and to date they have released over 45 distinct beer recipes in their short time. You never know what you might get on tap here, but one thing’s for sure, it’s worth the visit!

  • Address: Market Square, Lower Courtyard, #63, 560 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C6
  • Beers to try: Copper Owl Amber Ale and Ocean Spray Cranberry Kelp Gose
Lighthouse Brewing
Photo Source: Lighthouse Brewing Facebook Page

Lighthouse Brewing

Lighthouse Brewing is a family-owned and operated craft brewery that has been in Victoria since 1998. When they opened, craft beer was still in its infancy and Lighthouse was keen to help spread the love and compete against mainstream beers. Now, more than 20 years later, they are a fan favorite amongst local craft beer lovers and a must-visit brewery for out of town craft beer enthusiasts.

  • Address: 836 Devonshire Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 4T4
  • Beers to try: Race Rocks Scottish Ale and Night Watch Coffee Lager
Ile Sauvage Brewing
Photo Source: Ile Sauvage Brewing Facebook Page

Ile Sauvage Brewing Co.

If you’re a lover of sour beers, then you must visit Ile Sauvage Brewing in Victoria. Their main goal is to release beers that excite people and their palates. With many of their brews using fermentation-derived flavours, dry-hopping, and local fruit refermentations, your taste buds will have a party as you taste through their delicious craft beers.

  • Address: 2960 Bridge St, Victoria, BC V8T 4T3
  • Beers to try: Raspberry Golen Sour and Tropique Sour

Well, there you have it! Our top favorite picks for Victoria Craft Breweries for 2021.

Make sure to go and check these Victoria breweries out, grab a pint (or 2), and tag @craftbeer_guide in your photos!

If we’ve missed any of your favourite Victoria breweries and you think they should be added to the list, share it with us in the comments below!

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