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Vancouver Breweries to Explore in 2021


With neighbours like Portland and Seattle so close, you know Vancouver is bound to have a lively and tasty craft beer scene. Boasting more than 40 breweries all across the city, we’ve curated a list of ones you cannot miss out on.

What are the top breweries in Vancouver?

Though breweries are spread out all across the vast city of Vancouver, there are conveniently located batches of breweries in a couple of main neighbourhoods that make it easy to brewery hop any day of the week. Whether you’re looking to explore Olympic Village/Brewery Creek or East Van (appropriately nicknamed “Yeast Van”), you won’t have to look far for a new brewery to sample.

Vancouver’s eclectic mix of craft beer brewer’s means you’ll find everything from classically brewed favorites – such as traditional Belgian Tripels – to some of the most unique brew recipes we’ve seen, Pizza Pilsner anyone? If you’re a beer traditionalist or you fancy yourself a savvy experimental sampler, Vancouver breweries have something for everyone. So try one or visit them all, we won’t judge, just make sure you share your favorites with us!

How we picked the best Vancouver Breweries?

With every ‘top breweries’ post that we write, we make sure to do diligent online research to determine who makes it on our list. From reading online reviews and reviewing beer selections, to checking other authority websites and of course, sampling their beers. We do our best to take all the information we collect and give you our opinion of the top breweries in Vancouver.

However, we know we aren’t perfect and if we’ve missed a Vancouver brewery that you think should be on this list, please write a comment below and we’ll consider adding them!


This was a tough list to curate. With over 40 craft breweries to choose from, we’ve picked 12 of our top favorites. Keep reading to see which ones we picked!

Main Street Brewing Co
Photo Source: Main Street Brewing Facebook Page

Main Street Brewing Co.

Main Street Brewing Co. captures the vibe of an indoor beer garden perfectly. With high ceilings, indoor trees, and the smell of fresh pretzels wafting through the air, it’s hard to find a better indoor space to enjoy a beer. And enjoy a beer you will! Whether you’re enjoying one of their regular beers or trying something on their experimental rotation, we can pretty much guarantee it’ll be impossible to just have one.

  • Address: 261 E 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 0B8
  • Beers to try: (always on tap) Number Seven Saison and (if it’s available) Slam Dunkel Dark Wheat Ale
Photo Source: Postmark Brewing

Postmark Brewing

Known for its high profile partnerships such as Lululemon, Postmark brewing has made a name for itself in and out of the craft beer world. And while it excels at professional imagery and branding, it also excels at great beer.

  • Address: 55 Dunlevy Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 1G7
  • Beers to try: Juicy Pale Ale and Westerly IPA
33 Acres
Photo Source: 33 Acres Facebook Page

33 Acres

33 Acres is a beautifully designed brewery, hence it’s labeling as an “Instagram-able” brewery. Just don’t get too busy taking pictures because their beer lineup is not one to miss. With 5 beers on tap and limited edition brews available next door at the 33 Brewing Experiment, there’s always a reason to return for more.

  • Address: 15 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8
  • Beers to try: 33 Acres of Sunshine French Blanchè and 33 Acres of Darkness Schwarzbier
R&b Brewing
Photo Source: R&B Brewing Facebook Page

R & B Brewing

Prepare yourself for a blast from the past when you enter R&B Brewing. With its 70’s vibe, vinyl records, and laidback atmosphere, it feels like you’re hanging out in your best friend’s basement. Delivering fantastic German and Belgian brew styles, this brewery has been around for a while and is definitely not going anywhere soon.

  • Address: 54 E 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1E8
  • Beers to try: Raven Cream Ale and Stolen Bike Lager
Faculty Brewing
Photo Source: Faculty Brewing Facebook Page

Faculty Brewing

It’s time to go back to school with Faculty Brewing. Co-started by a former university professor, this brewery is passionate about educating people about how beer is made. Don’t worry, there are no tests involved but your inner student will enjoy the university course level naming system of their beers. From 100-level easy-drinking brews to more complex 700-level flavours, you can work your way up or down through their “beer school”.

  • Address: 1830 Ontario St, Vancouver, BC V5T 2W6
  • Beers to try: London Fog Ale and Dirty Chai Porter
Photo Source: Brassneck Brewing Website

Brassneck Brewery

A Vancouver staple since 2013, this brewery and growler shop are devoted to one thing: good beer. As they state, they have no grand plans to take over the world, just staying in a long, loving, committed relationship with craft beer. They don’t have a kitchen but with rotating food trucks right outside the door, it’s always fun to grab some grub then head on inside for a selection of tasty pints.

  • Address: 2148 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C5
  • Beers to try: Passive Aggressive Dry Hopped Pale Ale and Multweizen 5-Grain Hefeweizen
Photo Source: Luppolo Brewing Facebook Page

Luppolo Brewing Co.

This Italian inspired brewery (Luppolo – pronounced “loop-o-low”- means hops in Italian) is a small but noteworthy brewery. Luppolo is known for producing flavourful sours but they’ve got a number of different brew styles on tap with new experimental rotations always popping up.

  • Address: 1123 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2C6
  • Beers to try: New World Sour and Tart Wild Ale with Plum
Photo Source: Strom Brewing Website

Storm Brewing

Whatever you think you know about craft breweries and what they should be like, forget them all when you go to check out Storm Brewing. This small warehouse is about creating great beer, and not much else. With no chairs, or tasting room, or food, all of your focus will be on the beer lineup. Their unique and innovative beers are only available in small batches so you’re always in for a surprise when discovering what’s currently on tap.

  • Address: 310 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3V6
  • Beers to try: Vanilla Whiskey Stout and Pineapple Paradise Pilsner
Strange Fellows
Photo Source: Strange Brewing Facebook Page

Strange Fellows

This brewery celebrates the strange and extraordinary. The brewers delight in experimentation, diverse brewing techniques, and clever ingredients to create one of a kind, limited-release beers. Strange Fellows is connected to an art gallery so expect to see beauty and creativity all around you when you pay this brewery a visit.

  • Address: 1345 Clark Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3K9
  • Beers to try: Philly The Tart Sour and Roxanne Black Raspberry Sour
Photo Source: Strathcona Beer Company Facebook Page

Strathcona Beer Company

Located in Vancouver’s oldest and most diverse residential neighbourhood, Strathcona Beer Company produces a modern style of traditional beer coupled with other unique additions. They have a 12,000 square foot building which means ample room to gather, enjoy a fresh-made pizza, and knock back a few pints.

  • Address: 895 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1R8
  • Beers to try: “Beach” Guava Lime Radler and Love Buzz Imperial Apple Pie Berliner Weisse
Parallel 49
Photo Source: Parallel 49 Facebook Page

Parallel 49

With a food truck parked right inside the tasting room and some of the most unique beer recipes in Vancouver, what more reason do you need to pay Parallel 49 Brewing a visit? This brewery has been on an upshot in popularity with many people (and retail outlets) enjoying their cheeky brews.

  • Address: 1950 Triumph St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1K5
  • Beers to try: Salty Scot Sea Salted Caramel Scotch Ale and Abductor Pear Rhubarb Milkshake IPA
Electric Bicycle
Photo Source: Electric Bicycle’s Facebook Page

Electric Bicycle

Neighbours with R&B Brewing, Electric Bicycle is a rather new brewery on the scene but it’s entered with a bang. Bringing quirky beers to the table and pairing them with grilled cheese sandwiches, Electric Bicycle is definitely worth the visit if your brewery hopping down Main Street.

  • Address: 20 E 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1E8
  • Beers to try: Atomic Jame Raspberry Sour and Yes! Hazy Pale Ale

Make sure to go and check these Vancouver breweries out, grab a pint (or 2), and tag @craftbeer_guide in your photos!

We know choosing Vancouver’s Top Breweries can be controversial. Did we miss out on your favorite? Make sure to let us know in the comments below. 

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