The Best Beer Subscription Box

Craft beer lovers rejoice! Gone are the days of searching high and low for new and exciting brews to try. With a beer subscription box, you can have a curated selection of craft beers delivered to your doorstep regularly.

beer drop subscription

Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or just getting into the world of craft beer, a subscription box is a convenient and fun way to discover new brews and expand your palate.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top beer subscription boxes on the market and what to consider when choosing one that’s right for you. So please sit back, crack open a cold one, and let’s dive into the world of beer subscription boxes.

What Is A Beer Subscription Box?

A beer subscription box is a service that delivers a selection of craft beers to your doorstep regularly. These boxes can be customized to fit your personal preferences, whether receiving a mix of different styles, focusing on a specific region or brewery, or even receiving beers specifically tailored to your tastes.

Many beer subscription boxes also include additional materials such as tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and information about the breweries and beers included in the box.

Why Sign Up For Beer Subscriptions?

Beer subscription boxes are a great way to discover new and exciting beers that you might not have had the chance to try otherwise. They can also be a convenient option for those who don’t have easy access to a wide variety of craft beers in their local area.

With a beer subscription box, you can have a rotating selection of high-quality brews delivered straight to your door, making it easy to always have something new and exciting to sip on.

So, if you love craft beer and want to discover new and exciting brews regularly, a beer subscription box might be the perfect option.

The Best Beer Subscription Boxes

Best Overall Beer Subscription Box

Beer Drop

beer drop subscription

Get ready for a monthly beer party at your doorstep with Beer Drop! This super cool monthly beer box lets you pick your favorite beer styles and brings you loads of craft beers from small, independent breweries. With choices like IPAs, sours, dark beers, Belgian beers, and lagers, there’s something for every beer lover.

Beer Drop offers different levels to pick from, with each one giving you different beer choices. You can always select your favorite styles, and if you want something extra fancy, you can pay a bit more.

Things We Love About Beer Drop

  • Tons of beer styles
  • Focus on small, independent breweries
  • Customizable choices
  • Different levels to pick from
  • Option to upgrade for fancier brews
  • Monthly beer excitement!

In a nutshell, Beer Drop is perfect for folks who want a wide variety of craft beers and the power to choose their favorites. Cheers to a fun, monthly beer adventure!

Beer Drop: Your Fun, Monthly Beer Adventure

Limited Time Offer: Use Code BEERDROP10 to save $10 off your first Beer Drop Order!

Best Variety Beer Subscription Box


bro basket beer subscription

Say hello to BroBasket, where you’ll find a massive collection of custom gift baskets to please even the fussiest drinkers. With a mix of beer, wine, booze, and tasty snacks, you’re all set to impress!

What’s Awesome About BroBasket

  • Loads of variety in baskets
  • Pre-made holiday themes or make-your-own
  • Extras like chocolates, crackers, and cheese
  • No renewals or commitments, perfect for one-time gifts
  • Fast shipping for special occasions

Our top pick from BroBasket is The Ultimate Beer Lover Gift. This amazing basket comes with 12 craft beers, cool beer accessories like a bottle opener and pint glass, and gourmet popcorn. It’s the ideal present for beer fans, whether they’re newbies or experts.

Remember that BroBasket is only for US customers, so our international friends will need to find another option. But if you’re in the US, BroBasket is your go-to for personalized gift baskets that’ll make any beer lover’s day!

BroBasket: Personalized Gifts for the Beer Lover in Your Life

Editors Pick: Best Beer Subscription Box

The Original Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer Clubs beer subscription

Meet The Original Craft Beer Club, a monthly beer box that brings you amazing craft beers from small, independent breweries across the US. In each box, you’ll find four different beer styles from two unique breweries, along with info about the breweries, beers, pairing ideas, and tasting notes.

Why We Love The Original Craft Beer Club

  • Huge variety of beers
  • Focus on small, independent breweries
  • Always trying new and unique brews
  • Info materials and pairing suggestions
  • Bonus gifts in your first shipments

This beer club is all about discovery, giving you the chance to taste rare beers you might not find anywhere else. The added info and pairing ideas help you get the most out of every sip.

To sweeten the deal, The Original Craft Beer Club sends bonus gifts in your first shipments, like cool bottle openers, coasters, beer magazines, or discounts on future orders.

While the price is a bit higher, the bonus gifts and extras make it worth it for true craft beer fans. The Original Craft Beer Club is your ticket to exploring a world of amazing small-batch brews!

The Original Craft Beer Club: Discover Hidden Gems Every Month

Best Adventourous Craft Beer Box



Hop on board with Brewvana’s “Brews Less Traveled” Beer Club, a monthly subscription box that takes you on a journey to a different city each month to discover the best breweries. In each box, you’ll enjoy eight awesome beers from four top-notch breweries in the featured city.

What Makes “Brews Less Traveled” Stand Out

  • Focus on different cities each month
  • Explore new and exciting beers from around the country
  • Discover amazing breweries you might not have known about

Brewvana’s “Brews Less Traveled” Beer Club is perfect for beer lovers who want to uncover new breweries and try a mix of beer styles from all over the nation. Pack your bags and get ready for a tasty beer adventure every month!

Brewvana’s “Brews Less Traveled” Beer Club: Your Ticket to a Monthly Beer Road Trip

Best Value Beer Box

Beer Of The Month Club

Beer Of The Month Club BEER BOX

Get ready to explore the amazing world of beer with the Beer Of The Month Club, a subscription service that offers five unique beer clubs to choose from: Rare Beer Club, Microbrewed Beer Club, Hop Heads Beer Club, and International Variety Beer Club.

Why Beer Of The Month Club Rocks

  • Tons of options to match your interests
  • Flexible shipping: monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly
  • Discover high-quality craft beers from around the country

With so many clubs to pick from, you can find the perfect fit for your beer tastes. Plus, the flexible shipping options let you choose how often you want a beer adventure delivered to your door.

Each club has a special focus, like the Rare Beer Club with limited-edition and hard-to-find beers, the Microbrewed Beer Club showcasing craft beers from small and independent breweries, or the Hop Heads Beer Club for lovers of hoppy beers like IPAs.

Overall, the Beer Of The Month Club is your ticket to exploring a world of fantastic craft beers, with options to suit any taste and convenient delivery. Cheers to finding your next favorite brew!

Beer Of The Month Club: A Beer Wonderland with Endless Options

Best Gift Beer Box

Give Them Beer

give them beer beer

Welcome to Give Them Beer, where you’ll find the best selection of craft beer gift baskets with over 125 amazing brews from the nation’s most popular breweries.

Why Give Them Beer is a Winner

  • Huge variety of craft beers: IPAs, Lagers, Stouts, and more
  • Hand-picked by beer experts for top quality
  • Fresh, delicious microbrews from the best breweries
  • Personalized gift cards for any occasion

Their beer gurus have carefully chosen every microbrew to delight even the pickiest connoisseurs. You can trust that you’re giving the finest beers around.

With personalized gift cards, Give Them Beer is perfect for surprising friends on their birthdays, thanking clients, or any other occasion. Raise a glass to the ultimate craft beer gift destination!

Give Them Beer: The Ultimate Craft Beer Gift Basket Destination

Choosing a Beer Subscription Box

To find the best beer box for you, think about these things:

  • Types of beer
  • Customization choices
  • How often it comes
  • Cost
  • If you can get it where you live

Types of Beer

When picking a beer box, look at the kinds of beer they have. Some boxes have many styles, like hoppy IPAs and rich stouts. Others focus on just one kind or beers from a certain place. If you like a certain type of beer, pick a box that has it. See if the box has beers from big and small breweries.

Customization Choices

Think about how much you can change the box. Some let you pick certain beers or styles. Others give more general options like “all IPAs” or “all stouts.” If you have certain likes or needs, find a box that lets you change it a lot.

How Often It Comes

Some beer boxes come every week or month. Others come every two or three months. Think about how often you want new beers and pick a box that fits.


Price is important too. Compare some options to find the best value. More expensive boxes might have better beers or more choices. Cheaper boxes might have a more simple selection.

Where You Live

Last, make sure you can get the beer box where you live. Some boxes can’t be sent to certain places. Check if the box you like can be sent to you before you sign up.

Final Thoughts on Beer Subscription Boxes

Beer boxes make it easy and fun to try new craft beers. There are many kinds, each with different beers and choices.

When picking a beer box, think about the beer types, choices, how often it comes, cost, and if you can get it where you live. This helps you find the best box for you.

After looking at many options, we like [Insert the name of beer subscription box] because of their [Insert specific reasons based on the factors above].

If you love craft beer or are new to it, a beer box is a great way to try more kinds and find new favorites. Cheers!

Beer Subscription Box FAQs

What is a beer subscription box?

A beer subscription box is a service that delivers a selection of craft beers to your doorstep regularly. These boxes can be customized to fit your personal preferences, whether receiving a mix of different styles, focusing on a specific region or brewery, or even receiving beers specifically tailored to your tastes.

How often do beer subscription boxes deliver?

The frequency of deliveries can vary depending on the specific subscription box. Some offer weekly or monthly deliveries, while others offer less frequent options such as every two or three months.

Are beer subscription boxes available in all areas?

Availability can vary depending on the specific subscription box and your location. Some subscription boxes may not be available in certain areas due to shipping restrictions or other factors. Be sure to check availability before signing up for a beer subscription box.

Are there any alternatives to beer subscription boxes?

There are a few alternatives to beer subscription boxes, such as the delivery services offered by local craft breweries, online retailers that offer craft beer bundles or samplers, and visiting a local bottle shop or brewery to build your own selection.

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