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Penticton Breweries to Explore in 2021


Penticton is a relatively small city located in the interior of British Columbia. While this area of the province is typically known for its incredible selection of wine, Penticton is a hidden gem for craft breweries. With a population of about 35K people, local residents are lucky to have a choice of awesome craft breweries to enjoy. We’ve chosen our top 4 picks for you to explore if you’re adventuring through the Okanagan Valley.

What are the top breweries in Penticton?

Located between two lakes, Penticton is a beautiful city. Revered for its incredible beaches and summer culture, it’s not surprising that locals and tourists alike are passionate about this city. But it’s not just for the sunshine and beaches that people head to Pentiction, it’s for craft drinks. There are over 80 wineries in the Pentiction metro area, 6 craft breweries, 1 cidery, and 3 distilleries. So if you’re a lover of craft created liquor, you’re going to love it here.

Craft Beer in Pentiction is particularly unique because of its proximity to hop farms. The Okanagan Valley is home to a variety of fresh hop growing farms which means that Penticton brewers are lucky enough to get to brew their beers with fresh hops, rather than just hop pellets. The result – incredibly fresh beer flavours that reflect the taste of the air and the sunshine of the valley. So if you’re in the mood for a fresh-hopped brew, head to Penticton!

How we picked the best Penticton Breweries?

With every ‘Best Breweries’ post that we write, we make sure to do diligent online research to determine who makes it on our list. From reading online reviews and reviewing beer selections, to checking other authority websites and of course, sampling their beers. We do our best to take all the information we collect and give you our opinion of the top breweries in Penticton.

However, we know we aren’t perfect and if we’ve missed a Penticton brewery that you think should be on this list, please write a comment below and we’ll consider adding them!


Alright, so who made our list this year? Check it out below!

Bad Tattoo Brewing
Photo Source: Bad Tattoo Brewing Facebook Page

Bad Tattoo Brewing

Like a true bad tattoo, the experience at Bad Tattoo Brewing will leave you with a great story to tell. They have a year-round lineup of 6 brews plus a seasonal rotation of 6-8 other craft creations. This brewery is the best place in town to grab a beer and a pizza. Their in-house fire-roasted pizzas are mouthwateringly delicious and pair perfectly with one, or a few, of their fresh-hopped pints.

  • Address: 169 Estabrook Ave, Penticton, BC V2A 1G2
  • Beers to try: Los Muertos Cerveza Negro and Peanut Butter Porter
Slackwater Brewing
Photo Source: Slackwater Brewing

Slackwater Brewing

Slackwater stands for the moments between life’s ebbs and flows, especially, as Slackwater describes, those enjoyed with friends and family, beer in-hand. Their beers are focused on simplicity, balance, and approachability with an infusion of flavours inspired by the Okanagan. They have a huge two-story taproom with a bright patio for your beer-drinking pleasure.

  • Address: 218 Martin St, Penticton, BC V2A 5K3
  • Beers to try: What The Fog?! NEIPA and Tight Lines Helles Lager
Cannery Brewing
Photo Source: Cannery Brewing Facebook Page

Cannery Brewing

Since 2001, Cannery Brewing has been brewing top-quality Penticton brews. Their beer tastes like “more please” whether you’re drinking one of their core brews or a rotational release. Cannery Brewing is located right downtown Penticton and the beauty of that is that after you’ve sampled the beers at Bad Tatoo and Slackwater Brewing, you can walk on over to Cannery for even more great craft beer.

  • Address: 198 Ellis St, Penticton, BC V2A 4L5
  • Beers to try: Anarchist Amber Ale and Sunblink Berry Sour
Highway 97 Brewing
Photo Source: Highway 97 Brewing Facebook Page

Highway 97 Brewing Company

This boutique-style craft brewery is also located downtown Penticton. Named after the longest continuously numbered route in British Columbia, it pays homage to the vitality of the Okanagan. Highway 97 brews beautifully balanced beers snd is dog-friendly. It’s the perfect brewery to enjoy a patio pint with your pup.

  • Address: 954 Eckhardt Ave W, Penticton, BC V2A 2C1
  • Beers to try:

If you’ve never been to Penticton, you now have 4 great reason’s to head on out to this beautiful Okanagan city.

Make sure to go and check these Penticton breweries out, grab a pint (or 2), and tag @craftbeer_guide in your photos!

If we’ve missed any of your favourite Penticton breweries and you think they should be added to the list, share it with us in the comments below!

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