English-Style Bitter

Some beer lovers will argue that the English-Style Bitter deserves more respect than it is given, or at least, should be the beer of the moment. But if you are new to the beer-dom, the mere fact that the term “bitter” is attached to a beer style may be enough to make you wince. If you can get past the name, this beer style more than deserves its high place among beer lovers.

English-Style Bitter Qualities

The English-Style Bitter is not only a seasonable beer, but it also offers low to moderate alcohol, with a malt-driven style. When served, this unique beer style comes in appearances that range from gold to copper and haze in color, with different levels of residual malt sweetness and a medium hop bitterness.

Origin of English-Style Bitter Beer

The English-Style Bitter rose to popularity in England during the 1930s and through the Second World War, as beer consumers started looking for something distinctly different from what they were used to – which, at that time was the typical dark-style ale. The bitter beer style established itself on the beer market after the second world war, as a premium-quality beer style with better flavor.

Enjoy an English-Style Bitter

If you’re looking for the best food to pair with the English-Style Bitter, the best place to go are English-style food pubs. We are talking about some roasted chicken with chips. You can also try using it to wash down your hearty fries and fish meals. Combining it with a good Yorkshire pudding is also an excellent choice. It also goes pretty well with firm English cheese and oatmeal raisin walnut cookies.