Coffee Beer

When it comes to a popular Craft Beer style that most drinkers will agree on, the Coffee Beer is arguably one of the tops. Coffee and beer lovers are much in the same that they are passionate about their brew. Pair them together, and you’ve got a drink that people will shout to the world their love for. This craft beer style boasts rich and full flavours that are perfect for enjoying, well, anytime really!

Coffee beer comes in many styles. You might find it in an ale or a beer, while porters and stouts are also highly popular bases for the perfect coffee beer. To achieve this, brewers will steep the coffee beans in water to extract the flavor, which they will then transfer to the ale, giving it the smooth, roasted flavor that is so lip-smackingly good, you’ll want another as soon as possible. Many people associate coffee beer with stouts. However, anyone who knows anything about beer knows there is always room for coffee in beer, from a sour to a saison and beyond.

Enjoy a Craft Coffee Beer

Due to the versatility of Coffee Beer, you’re likely to find it easy to enjoy it at any time. But, this will all depend on the style of beer. You can match these beers with a range of foods. Most people will take the Coffee Beer with their dessert, perhaps some pecan pie or cheesecake, especially if your preferred Coffee Beer is a stout.  As many Coffee Beers can come with a higher-than-usual ABV, they also make for a fantastic partner to small snacks, especially when you’re entertaining.

Origin Story of Coffee Beer

Coffee Beer saw its origins during the 1990s across North America. This is also when the craft beer boom seems to have started, with many independent breweries popping up all over the country.  Coffee Beer is arguably the one thing that all breweries have in common. While it may seem that the India Pale Ale is the go-to style, the reality is that coffee is a consistent ingredient in a range of beers, no matter who you buy from. This comes from the craft beer industry’s obsession with experimentation (for better or worse). Still, considering how important coffee is to our mornings, it makes sense that it has become equally as important to our evenings, also.

Why Try Coffee Beer?

Although heavy and fruity IPAs with high ABV are suitable for refreshing your palette before or during a meal, there’s something about Coffee Beer that can help settle the stomach and give you the warm and fuzzy feeling from head to toe. As it comes in a range of styles, it’s something that anyone can enjoy, whether they’re looking for a soft session seduction or prefer to kick it up a notch with a strong stout while relaxing in front of the TV. Whichever sounds more you, there’s a craft coffee beer out there for you to sample.