British-Style Barley Wine Ale

The British-Style Barley Wine Ale is a heart-warming barley wine fit for all occasions. It offers a rich and malty taste that is sure to please with every sip. If you’re not a fan of beer, you will be forgiven for mistaking its name to refer to a type of wine. The British-Style Barley Wine Ale is a type of beer with a strong style and rich malt flavours, which are often pronounced and unusually moderately hoppy.

Often referred to as the “grandfather of all brews,” this style of barley wine ale throws off typical aromas of dried fruit, toffee, toast, bread, and molasses. Although it usually contains high alcoholic content, the alcohol levels are mostly not overpowering or harsh, even as the brew continues to mellow with age.

In terms of appearance, the British-Style Barley Wine Ale mostly comes in a very versatile colour, which may include some dark brown variations and deep golden colour. However, each variety always exhibits a smooth, intense, bold, and even velvety effect. The only thing still a bit unclear is this beer style’s origin, as the term barley wine goes as far back into history as any beer lover can imagine. But we will be doing this tasty beer a massive disservice if we focus too much on its history instead of enjoying the great taste it delivers.

And what better way is there to enjoy a bottle or glass of British-Style Barley Wine Ale than with some Moroccan duck, English stilton, or a bar of dark chocolate.