Berliner-Style Weisse

If you’re experiencing a very hot or humid night after a busy day, you should be reaching out for a bottle of Berliner-Style Weisse to end the day on a great note. You can also reach for a glass, pour out your beer, and witness a fizzy, foaming, white head rise in your glass to greet you. Now take your first sip and let freshness fill your soul.

The Berliner-Style Weisse comes with a refreshing start, has low alcohol content, and a variety of fruity flavors that you can taste in every sip. Each serving displays a pale color, which is considered the lightest of all the German wheat beers. But that takes nothing away from the taste it offers. Since it is mostly unfiltered, it may appear cloudy. It has a unique combination of lactic acid bacterial fermentation and yeast, which produces a light-bodied, highly attenuated, and sour beer. It also has very high carbonation, which adds to the level of refreshment this style of beer offers.

Origin of the Berliner-Style Weisse

Some experts believe that Huguenots may have created this style, as they traveled to Flanders through France – a period where there was said to be about 700 Weissbier brewers in Berlin. Today, the Berliner-style Weisse is growing in popularity in places like the United States, where many breweries are adding different fruits to the recipe.

Enjoy a Berliner-Style Weisse

When it comes to food pairings, this Berliner-Style Weisse goes very well with Havarti after a good meal. You can also serve it alongside a dish of aged ham on pretzel bread or enjoy a relaxed time with some raspberry cheesecake.