Belgian-Style Saison

The Belgian-Style Saison is the classic Belgian-style ale, with a golden to light amber color that easily competes with the morning sun in its glory. Little wonder this beer, though it used to be brewed in the winter, was stored in summer.

Every season comes with a different excuse to indulge in new craft beers. And if you find yourself embraced by the warmth of the summer and spring, the Belgian-Style Saison is the ideal partner to have in your hand. It comes with leather-like, horsey, or fruity flavors and smells, with a touch of lactic character. It also has a unique signature character and taste as a result of special ingredients, including spices.

Commonly known as “Farmhouse ales,” the Belgian-style Saison is refreshing for a warm day. Saison means “season” in English, which is an indication that this beer does not only have French origins but was previously brewed in farmhouses during the winter season and stored until the summer months. Although it also originated as a summertime beer in Belgium, the Belgian-Style Saison is no longer a treat for the warm weather only. Brewers in the U.S. brew this beer all year round while adding a variety of ingredients to create different unique flavors.

Besides being able to enjoy this beer any time of the year, you can also pair it up with some simple meals for added pleasure. A steamy meal of seafood or mussels can be a mouth-watering combination. You can also enjoy it with brie or lemon-ginger sorbet.