Belgian-Style Pale Ale

This beer tastes as great as it looks, with its rocky, white head and enticing light copper color that is sure to send you drooling. This Belgian-Style Pale Ale is soothingly refreshing, goes down smoothly, and comes with caramel, toasted or malt flavor. Although its taste has a hint of noticeable hop bitterness and aroma, these elements are relatively low and play into the beer’s great taste.

Origin of the Belgian-Style Pale Ale

The beer takes inspiration from the British Pale Ales. Although this pale beer style had garnered some popularity during the First and Second World Wars, it was developed and distributed en-masse during the more stable Post-second World War period. As this style of pale beer increased in popularity, breweries started selecting from the finest Belgian and even German malts. Just like many Belgian pale ale styles, it offers an initial malt flavor, which somewhat ends in an exciting finish – neither overly dry nor sweet.

Enjoy a Belgian-Style Pale Ale

So, what can you pair a cold bottle of Belgian-Style Pale Ale with? We suggest pairing it with some tempura fried fish with chips on the side. You can also enjoy it with taleggio or even team it up with some tasty, savory bread pudding. Bottles up!