American-Style Wheat Wine Ale

If you’re looking for a sweet craft beer that really packs a punch, American-Style Wheat Wine Ale should be at the top of your list. Known for its full-body and high alcohol content, it’s not for the faint-hearted but well worth a try.

Despite its confusing name, American-Style Wheat Wine Ale isn’t made from grapes. Real American-Style Wheat Wine Ale is made with at least 50% wheat malt, which is what gives it its unique candy-like, bready flavour.

Most variations are gold to light brown, but some do contain darker malts. You’ll find American-Style Wheat Wine Ales is undoubtedly one of the sweetest craft beers on the market, while hop flavours tend to be relatively low.

What is Wheat Wine?

Similar to barley wine, wheat wine is a strong ale that includes an element of wheat in its grain bill. However, most brewers use lighter malts when preparing wheat wines, so it’s noticeably softer and a little fruitier than barley wine.

You’ll notice that wheat wine tends to feel a little thicker than other beers when you’re drinking it. This is because it contains a higher proportion of wheat when compared to other craft beers. As wheat has a relatively high protein level, the final product has a thicker texture.

Compared to other beers, brewing wheat wine is fairly labour intensive. Despite this, wheat wines really give brewers the opportunity to experiment with flavours and ageing. You’ll find American-Style Wheat Wine Ale with notes of honey, nuts and even raisins.