American Sour

Sours beers have been around for centuries in some form or another and most are created using a type of yeast, known as Brettanomyces. It’s this yeast derivative that’s responsible for the wild, earthy and musty flavours that are so prevalent in sour ales.

So, what makes American Sour so special? Firstly, the versatility of American sour craft beers means you’ll never tire of exploring what’s out there. As sour ales have undergone a revival in recent years, brewers are rewriting the playbook and putting their own twist on what makes the perfect American sour.

Why Try an American Sour?

You can expect any ale with ‘sour’ in the name to deliver a tart or acidic flavour, and most do, but the profiles of American Sour vary wildly from one brewery to another. In fact, the process used to prepare American Sour can mean that flavours vary fairly significantly from one pint to the next.

The flavour of your favourite American Sour depends on the exact microflora the brewer users, as well as their setup and methodologies. However, this is one craft beer that really has no ‘standard’ taste or aroma. Instead, you’ll find American Sours span the gamut when it comes to SRM, IBU and ABV.

While some are dark in colour, low in bitterness and high in alcohol content, others are just the opposite. Similarly, you’ll find a range of different hop flavours and aromas in American Sours, depending on the brewery that produces it. The solution? You’ll have to explore the wide variety’s available out there to find your favourite.