American Brown Ale

American Brown Ale is a craft beer which has a sweet and caramel taste and is known to be bitter. They tend to be reasonably dark in colour, ranging anywhere from a dark amber colour to that of a light brown. The American Brown Ale is known to contain notes of chocolate and caramel whilst retaining a malty sweetness.

Origin of the American Brown Ale

This ale’s story begins all the way back in the 1700s when brown ales were popular amongst the British. However, brown ales dropped in popularity around the mid-1800s due to the rise in popularity of pale ales. It later returned to popularity but did not gain ground in the United States of America until the 1980s when Texas Homebrewers decided to experiment with the traditional Brown Ale, and they paved the way for other brewers to try their hand at making the new American Brown Ale.

Enjoy an American Brown Ale

The American Brown Ale goes particularly well with pork or steak as the sweet flavour of the ale really brings out the salty flavours of the meat. Generally, Brown Ales go best with strong, hearty foods such as sausages and other forms of meat. This makes sense as the American Brown Ale is not a weak beer and so it should be paired with strong types of food. In terms of dessert, the American Brown Ale will go down extremely well with an almond or walnut cake, as the nutty taste of the beer will complement these deserts well.