American Brett

American Brett is a beer with a very distinct taste that varies in colour and can have anything from fruity aromas to a funky taste that is different to that of any other beer you will try. It is said to have a horse-blanket flavour which many love, but American Brett tends to be a bit like marmite – you either love its taste or you hate it.

Origin of the American Brett

The American Brett, you guessed it, originated in the United States of America and is named after the yeast that it is made from which is called Brettanomyces. The majority of beers are not made with this yeast, and many brewers actually view Brettanomyces as a contaminant that ruins the taste of the beer with its unusual and peculiar flavours.

Brettanomyces was first discovered when scientists decided to examine exactly what was ruining the taste of English ales, and from there the yeast made its appearance in some beers, with it proving popular with many customers who appreciate the musty taste it brings to their beverage.

Enjoy an American Brett

Its fruity aromas make it the perfect drink to pair with grilled meat at dinner time, or with some farmhouses cheeses in the evening. Goats cheese in particular, however, pairs especially well with this beer and adds to its barnyard taste, although the majority of stinky cheeses will go down well with this beer due to how well they complement its earthy tones.