Smoke Beer

Smoke Beer

Smoke Beer is a type of beer that has been infused with the smoke from a wood fire. The Smoke beer style originated in Bamberg, Germany, where beechwood was used to smoke the malt.

The use of different types of wood can give Smoke beer a wide range of flavours, from light and subtle to intense and powerful. Smoke beer can be made with any type of malt, but it is typically made with pale malt, which allows the smoky flavour to shine through.

Smoke Beer Details

  • Color: Varies-Varies SRM
  • Bitterness: Varies-Varies IBU
  • Alcohol: Varies-Varies% ABV
  • Glass: Nonic Pint
  • Temperature: 7-12°C
  • Color: Varies
  • Clarity: Varies
  • Hop: Varies
  • Malt: Varies

Smoke Beer Pairings

  • Food Pairing: Bratwurst
  • Cheese Pairing: Smoked Gouda or Smoked Cheddar
  • Dessert Pairing: Apple Pie

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