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At, we have one passion – finding exceptional beer and supporting those who create it. Over the years, we’ve built a thriving community of beer enthusiasts, sharing insights, recommendations, and experiences about the best craft breweries in North America.

We’re excited to present an exclusive opportunity for breweries like yours – the chance to be in our Featured Brewery Spot for an entire year.

Why Become a Featured Brewery?

  • Boosted Visibility: Get positioned right at the top of our city-specific lists. With over 30,000 monthly visitors, that’s a lot of eyes on your brewery!
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  • Connect with a Passionate Audience: Our readers are not just casual beer drinkers; they are enthusiasts on the hunt for their next favorite brew. Put yourself right where they can see you.
  • Affordable Promotion: For just $400, enjoy uninterrupted top-spot visibility for an entire year. That’s just over $1.00/day to keep your brand front and center, driving thousands of thirsty customers to your door.

About Craft Beer Guide

Craft Beer Guide is not just another beer website. We’ve built a platform where beer lovers come to discover, appreciate, and discuss everything about craft beer. Our mission is simple – support local, celebrate quality, and spread the love for craft beer.

We’ve covered over 15 cities in Canada and 50+ in the USA. Our readers trust our recommendations, and a spot at the top can set you apart in a competitive beer market.

A Name You Can Trust

Craft Beer Guide is proudly owned and operated by YEG Digital, a reputable digital marketing agency. When you choose to become a Featured Brewery, you’re not just getting a top spot on a website; you’re partnering with seasoned digital marketing professionals who understand the nuances of online visibility.

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