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Smoke Beer

American Pale Ale

Honey Beer

Session Beer

Chocolate Beer

Blonde Ale

Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

New England IPA

Coffee Beer

Pumpkin Beer

German-Style Schwarzbier Beer

German-style Schwarzbiers typically throw off drinkers as their dark appearance lends most to think it’s going to be heavy like a stout. However, Schwarzbiers are deceptively lightweight brews with a rich chocolate malty flavour. A beer that’s stood the test of time since the 1300’s (!) deserves to be given a shot.

German-Style Pilsner Beer

Long considered the most popular beer style around the world, the German-Style Pilsner remains a frequent choice by beer lovers. Brewers have been making pilsners since the 1800’s, so you know it’s going to be a great beer. This pale, crisp, refreshing beverage is definitely a top favorite.

Gluten-Free Craft Beer

Gluten-Free Craft Beer has seen a surge in production and popularity since the mid 1900’s. Now enjoyed not only by those who have a gluten intolerance, but by many craft beer lovers around the world. The improvements in the gluten free brewing process have allowed brewer’s to create a product that, arguably, rivals some of the traditional and well loved beers available.

German-Style Marzen Beer

All beer lovers are familiar with the celebration of Oktoberfest, but not all of us may be familiar with the associated beer, the German Style Marzen. This brew features a high alcohol content and a sweeter flavour profile. If you’re looking for yet another reason to celebrate with a great craft beer, why not try a Marzen (Oktoberfest or not!).

German Style Kolsch Beer

Any traditional beer fan will enjoy the crisp and refreshing flavour of a German Style Kolsch beer. Traditionally brewed according to strict standards in Cologne, Germany, many North American Craft Breweries now put their own unique spin on this great historical brew.

German Style Helles Beer

This widely popular craft beer style is a favorite around the world. Considered to be an easy-drinking brew with a moderate body, the German Style Helles is a great choice for any beer lover, even if you’re not a fan of most craft beers.

European-Style Export Beer

The European-Style Export craft brew has a long history of being a high-quality beer. It’s distinctive taste has made it a favorite among craft beer connoisseurs.

Contemporary Gose Beer

Fancy trying something new? Grab a Contemporary Gose. This refreshing and surprising brew will delight your tastebuds with its tart and slightly slaty flavour profile.

American Lager Beer

American Cream Ale Beer

The American Cream Ale is an all-around easy-drinking ale that is mild and light-bodied. Popular around the world and enjoyed year-round, there’s never a bad place or a bad time to enjoy a cold American Cream Ale.

American Wheat Beer

Often confused with a German Weissbier or Hefeweizen, the American Wheat Beer is an easy-drinking and refreshing beer. It is one of the newest styles of wheat beers and one of the growing popularity among craft breweries.