Smoke Beer

Smoke Beer is typically a polarizing type of beer style, you either love it or you hate it. You can commonly expect a flavour of vanilla and wood, but outside of that, each smoke beer offers drinkers a very unique flavour experience. The amount of smoked malts, as well as the type of wood used to roast the malts both, play a role in the creation of a Smoke Beers flavour. Brewers that specialize in Smoke Beer (also referred to as raughbier), are passionate about their flavours, brew methods, and producing a well-balanced beer. The finesse that is required to brew a quality smoke beer is steep, so if a craft brewery offers a Smoke Beer in their lineup, you know a lot of love and care went into that brew.

The Origin of Smoke Beer

The history of smoke beer can be dated back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Back then it was better and more efficient to dry and malt barley over a fire. In the past, all beers were once “smoky” as malts were dried over fires giving every beer a slightly smoky flavour. Nowadays, the smoke profile is carefully added into brews to give the beer a modest smokey flavour.

Enjoy a Smoke Beer

Enjoying a Smoke Beer in the winter is instinctual as it is warm and comforting, but you can also enjoy it in the summertime. The best way to enjoy is to allow your Smoke Beer to warm up slightly after taking it from the fridge. They are great with any kind of smoked food like grilled and barbecued meats. In the summer, you can replace all your charcuterie board meats with a glass of smoke beer instead, though, why not enjoy both! It pairs beautifully with most cheeses and fruits. You could also drink this with summer salads. The rich smokiness of the beer is a great balance to light meals like that. This also pairs well with Chinese cuisine, particularly dishes that incorporate black bean sauce.

Why Try a Smoke Beer

This beer style is very unique and craft brewers often bring their own magic to their smoke beer recipes. The smoky profile, with hints of vanilla and woody taste, is surprisingly comforting, like a warm sweater. If you don’t consider yourself a lover of Smoke Beer, we get it, it’s a unique beer style, but with so much variation available amongst craft breweries, we urge you to keep and open mind and continue to explore Smoke Beers when you can.