Rye Beer

A true Rye Beer is any beer in which some or all of the barley has been substituted for rye. They are often also brewed with the likes of wheat, corn or rice like many of the speciality beers on the market.

The Origin of Rye Beer

Though many countries have their own versions of the Rye Beer, it is thought to have originally been produced in (where else) Bavaria. This prolific region has produced some of the most popular craft beers in the world. The result was a spicy and light taste.

Ireland and Finland also have their own historic versions of Rye Beer.

Rye Beer is a popular style for homebrewers too and many breweries, particularly in the US, are creating craft rye beers that are almost a mixture of a traditional Rye Beer and IPA (or Rye PA).

Enjoy A Rye Beer

The beautiful spice undertones of a Rye Beer work fantastically well with the Indian and Caribbean spice palettes. Enjoy it alongside a curry or a plate of Jerk chicken. Traditional puddings like pies, crumbles and brioche bread puddings work well with this particular craft beer too.

Why Try A Rye Beer?

Many countries have their own speciality Rye Beers, which vary widely in terms of strength and flavours. You will find one that is right for you if you are prepared to do your homework. The addition of rye can add a warming spice flavour and turn the colour a more reddish hue.