Irish-Style Red Beer

The Emerald Isle is more famous for its dark stouts than it’s beers, but Guinness aside, it also has a few hidden gems in the craft beer arena too. The Irish-Style Red Beer is best known for it’s mild, almost buttery flavour and low alcoholic content. The kiln roasted barley and malts give it the famous red colour that it is named for.

The Origin of Irish-Style Red Beer

There’s some contention as to the exact origins of Irish-Style Red Beer. It is thought that the Celtics were brewing red-hued ales in Ireland as far back as the Middle Ages. The modern version of the recipe comes from the Smithwick Brewery in Kilkenny, Ireland, where they began brewing red beers back in 1710.

Enjoy An Irish-Style Red Beer

The malted sweetness has a caramel flavour which works well with roasted vegetables, seafood and strong, mature cheeses. Any fruity dessert will also sing alongside a good Irish-Style Red Beer.

Why Try An Irish-Style Red Beer?

This style of craft beer is a masterclass in understated elegance. Often overlooked in favour of it’s more robust, alcoholic counterparts, this red-hued beer has an amazing palette of flavours that include roasted barley, caramel and toffee. It’s great for those new to craft beer and looking to build up their palette by starting with a mild variety that won’t overpower their tastebuds. It also has a growing following among the more experienced beer enthusiasts too, and for good reason.

Why not give this Irish treasure a try on St. Patrick’s Day too.