Herb and Spice Beer

An increasingly popular segment of the market, herb and spice beer give a huge amount of scope for altering the flavours and aromas of beers. The hops flavour is dialled right back in favour of the added herbs and spices. This method is very popular with homebrewers too who like to experiment with different flavours.

The Origin of Herb and Spice Beer

Using herbs and spices in beer predates the use of hops by millennia. In the 1980s, archaeologists found Neolithic era pottery which had been used to contain a fermented drink made with various types of heather and fern.

The Egyptians and Sumerians used spices and dates in their beers and since the 16th century, the Finnish has made Sahti from various berries and twigs.

Enjoy A Herb and Spice Beer

When it comes to pairing a herb or spice beer with food, the possibilities are endless. There really is something for every meal. It really will depend on the flavour of your beer thought. Dark fruits and warm spices work especially well with red meats and game. Citrusy flavours lend themselves to seafood, poultry and vegetarian dishes.

Why Try A Herb and Spice Beer?

The great thing about herb and spice beer is that there is such a huge range of flavours to choose from depending on your mood or favourite flavours. . Many breweries release special edition varieties for events such as Christmas and Halloween which are great for capturing the mood.