Gluten-Free Craft Beer

Traditional craft beers are often made from a unique combination of malted barley and hops, both of which contain high amounts of gluten. As a result, this means that those who suffer from Celiac disease or who have a gluten intolerance, are unable to comfortably enjoy a craft beer.

To put it simply, celiac disease is a digestive disorder, which affects around 1 in 100 people worldwide. If a person with celiac disease consumes gluten, their body creates an immune reaction, whereby your immune system can ‘attack’ your gut.

However, as our understanding of celiac disease has grown, and our ability to create beers with new ingredients and in creative ways so has the production of Gluten-Free craft beer. In fact, there are numerous breweries that are entirely dedicated to creating gluten-free beer for their customers, whilst others create special brews so that their craft beers can be enjoyed by all. Though the taste will vary depending on the type of beer and brand, companies strive to recreate their recipes as closely as possible, meaning the same flavors can be enjoyed.

As opposed to barley or hops, Gluten-Free beers are made from:

  • Millet
  • Rice
  • Buckwheat
  • Corn

Origin Story of Gluten-Free Craft Beer

Over time, our understanding of different diseases develops and grows, meaning we can find new ways to treat or manage diseases more safely. Celiac disease was first documented in the seventeenth century, by which point beer was already a popular beverage, and the effects of beer consumption on the disease were not thoroughly researched. As a result, alternatives were not brought into the market until much later – around the mid-1900s.

Although the reception of these beers was largely positive, many found that it was difficult to recreate the taste of ‘real’ beer (i.e that which contained hops). However, recipes have since been refined to ensure that this is no longer an issue. As a result, there are thousands of Gluten-free craft beers available, in a range of flavors and aromas.

Try a Gluten-Free Craft Beer

Although tailored specifically towards those with a Gluten allergy, gluten-free beer is still a delicious beverage that can be enjoyed by all beer drinkers, especially amongst those who want to try something new. However, it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to tell a distinct difference between Gluten-Free beer and its predecessor, at least not in relation to taste, or aroma.

Furthermore, some studies have shown that Gluten-Free beer can be far healthier than a traditional craft ale, which gives you more of an excuse to grab a bottle today! As the number of Gluten-Free beers purchased each year continues to rise, more money can be invested in developing and refining its creation, meaning that new flavors and forms will be introduced to the market. This is a great step forward towards inclusion, creating an environment where each and every person has access to food and drink they can enjoy safely – without limitations.