German-Style Marzen Beer

German-Style Marzen is a beer that contains a high concentration of malt. As a result, it has a distinctive taste and aroma, which are often likened to delicious biscuits or even toasted bread. Originating in Bavaria, it is drunk year-round though most predominantly during Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest folk festival, traditionally held in Bavaria, Munich, or Bavaria throughout September. During this time, traditional food and drink are served and enjoyed by millions of tourists. This includes traditional German food such as Bratwurst, Kraut, and Potato salad, but also drinks such as red wine and Marzen.

Marzen is typically brewed in the Spring and left to age throughout the summer, helping the taste grow significantly. The form of Marzen sold during Oktoberfest is typically much stronger, as a result of the longer fermentation.

Enjoy a German-style Marzen Beer

Although Marzen is now readily available any time of year, we’d recommend drinking it during the September month’s, in accordance with Oktoberfest celebrations to get the most out of your drink. As with many craft beers, it is best enjoyed chilled, allowing for a crisp, refreshing drink no matter the weather that surrounds you.

As it is traditional German beer, you may wish to serve it alongside traditional German food. This can include:

  • Bratwurst (Sausage)
  • Currywurst (Curried Sausage)
  • Potato Salad (with pickles and/ bacon)
  • Schnitzel (Chicken or pork)
  • Kraut (Cabbage)
  • Cheesy noodles

Origin Story of German-style Marzen Beer

Like many popular Craft Beers, Marzen/Oktoberfest beer originated in Bavaria. Though the exact date is unknown, it was believed to be at some point before the 16th century. This means that Marzen has been enjoyed by beer drinkers for centuries. It is believed to originate from this period in time due to an old Bavarian brewing Ordinance, that stated beer can only be brewed between 29th September and 23rd of April, which fell in accordance with religious holidays (St. Michael’s day and St. George’s day respectively). Brewing the beer in March allows the beer to last throughout the months when production was disallowed. As a result, the beer is strong and usually has a high alcohol content.

As Oktoberfest grew in popularity, celebrations were not only limited to Germany, with many of those who immigrated to North America taking the celebrations overseas. As a result, Marzen became a popular drink of choice worldwide and is now sold at various breweries across Canada and the USA.

Why try a German-Style Marzen Beer?

We’d recommend trying German-style Marzen/Oktoberfest if you are looking to experience something new, especially if you are getting involved with any Oktoberfest celebrations. It is a great way of upholding traditions, and you know that you can always rely on Marzen to taste simply delicious, no matter what time of year you pick up a bottle. Due to its biscuit-like flavor, beer-lovers with a particular sweet-tooth may find themselves with a new ‘go-to’ drink.