German-Style Maibock

An offshoot of the popular bock craft beers, German-Style Maibock (pronounced my-bock) a strong, full-bodied, creamy drink which has grown in popularity alongside other pale beers.

It’s also often referred to as ‘heller block’ or ‘pale block’.

The Origin of German-style Maibock

The history of German-Style Maibock dates back to the 1600s, by (you guessed it), monks. Though it didn’t become very popular until later in the 19th century when pale beers began to become the drink of the day.

As with a lot of bocks, it was brewed to be opened at particular times of the year to coincide with various dates of religious significance. In this case, the end of lent, whereas the Doppelbock was used to get them through lent. It’s a wonder that the Bavarian monks had time to pray at all.

Unlike the other block craft beers, which are characteristically dark, the Maibock is more floral and light. Flavours like bread, caramel and hops are the most recognisable and Maibock has a particularly clean finish.

Enjoy A German-Style Maibock

Cutting through the toasted bread and malt flavours is a slightly floral taste which works fantastically well with the Thai and Chinese spice palettes. Enjoy with Pad Thai, charcuterie meats and swiss cheese.

Why Try A German-Style Maibock?

If you enjoy a pale craft beer, then the German-Style Maibock offers something that little bit different from the norm. Alongside the toasted bread, flavours are a hint of potpourri flavours that lend this beer well to a variety of occasions, with or without food.