German Style Helles Beer

German-Style Helles is a widely popular craft beer, which is enjoyed across the world every day. Popular amongst both those who drink beer frequently and those who save their drinking for a special occasion due to the fact it is so easy to drink. It is known for its delicious taste and moderate body. Other distinctive qualities associated with German-Style Helles, include:

  • Malt Sweetness
  • A strong floral aroma and undertone, as a result of the hops.
  • Distinctive yet low bitterness

The beer is also pleasing to look it, pale to amber in color, as a result of an intensive filtration process before it is bottled and sent out to be purchased. The name ‘Helles’ itself translates quite literally to ‘pale in color’. Traditional German-style Helles lagers will be brewed through a cool fermentation process, combining lager yeast with hops to recreate the distinctive, yet delicious flavors we associated with the drink.

Enjoy a German-Style Helles Beer

German-Style Helles is the perfect drink to have in hand on a sunny day when the weather is a little warmer than usual. As a result, they tend to be particularly popular during the Spring-Summer season.

However, whilst it is great as a standalone drink, it can be the perfect accompaniment to a range of meals or dishes. For example, as the drink is particularly refreshing, therefore it goes nicely with ‘light dishes’. This can include:

  • Salads
  • Seafood
  • Spicy foods
  • Cheeses
  • Desserts

Whether you are inviting friends around for a few drinks, or have had a particularly hard day at the office, an ice-cold glass of German-style Helles is sure to turn any evening into a great one.

The Origin Story of German-Style Helles Beer

German-Style Helles were first brewed in Munich in the late seventeenth century, to compete with the widely popular Bavarian Pilsners beers, which were dominating the alcohol market at the time. The two were considered rivals from the outset, due to the similarities in flavor, with both using a ‘spicy’ hop. However, German-style Helles focused more on malt flavorings, offering a unique taste to customers across the world. Since its introduction to the market in 1894, German-style Helles has made its way across the ocean to North America, likely as a result of mass immigration following WW2. Since that time, many North American breweries have offered slight variations to the original recipe, though the most traditional form of German-style Helles remains the most popular.

Why should you try a German-Style Helles Beer?

There are numerous reasons as to why you should reach for a glass of German-style Helles. However, perhaps the most convincing is it’s unique, yet refreshing taste, which is sure to help your worries melt away with just a few sips. If you’ve had a long day of work, or are looking to unwind at the weekend, German-style Helles is delicious come rain or shine.