German-Style Hefeweizen

Here we have one of the most recognisable and popular German craft beers in the world. The German-Style Hefeweizen is a light, cloudy, bubbly and refreshing beer that is absolutely bursting with flavours of banana and clove.

The Origin of German-Style Hefeweizen

Hailing from the Bavarian region of Germany, Hefeweizen comes from the ‘Hefe’ which means ‘yeast’ and ‘Weizen’ which means ‘wheat’.It has been brewed as far back as the 1520s. The lack of filtration gives it its infamous cloudy appearance and gives it a touch of bitterness. As is the law in Germany, it is brewed with at least 50% wheat, so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal.

Unlike many German craft beers, Hefeweizen is much lighter in both taste and colour than beers such as the Dunkel.

Enjoy A German-Style Hefeweizen

Finally, a great craft beer that won’t overpower delicate seafood and vegetable dishes. Though it’s perfectly able to complement a range of meat-based cuisines too, the German-Style Hefeweizen is a great choice when it comes to lighter, fresh seafood or vegetarian dishes. It’s also a great partner to any fruit-based dessert.

Why Try A German-Style Hefeweizen?

This German-Style Hefeweizen is popular with both craft beer aficionados and newbies alike. It often finds it’s way into the top ten of craft beer fans and specialist websites all over the world, due to its lightness and versatility while still delivering that punch of spiciness and fruitness. Will it make it into your top ten?