German-Style Dunkelweizen

This flavourful beer is a hybrid of the German-style Dunkel and Hefeweizen. The result is a dark (Dunkel is German for dark) and complex flavour with no bitterness and a more carbonated mouthfeel than a lot of other German craft beers.

The Origin of German-Style Dunkelweizen

The Dunkelweizen is originally from Bavaria. Like a Hefeweizen, it is an unfiltered wheat beer. And because Germany takes its craft beer making seriously, their wheat beers must be made using 50% wheat (at least), so you know you’re in the hands of beer professionals.

While the German-Style Dunkelweizen has the same sweet, toasted and caramel flavours of the Dunkel, it’s also packed with chocolate, banana, vanilla and clove flavours too.

Enjoy A German-Style Dunkelweizen

Unlike a lot of other German craft beers, the German-Style Dunkelweizen is much more versatile when it comes to food pairings. In addition to going well with meats (like almost all German beers), it’s light and fresh enough to have with chicken and pork dishes too. If you’re looking for a great cheese accompaniment, try matured varieties such as Parmesan or Gouda. It’s fruity flavours also go well with any banana or vanilla flavoured desserts too.

Why Try A German-Style Dunkelweizen?

Even though it is a cross between the extremely popular Dunkel and Hefeweizen, the Dunkelweizen has a character all of its own. This beautiful, cloudy craft beer is full of chocolate and fruity flavours which work well on their own, or with a variety of dishes. If you’re a fan of dark German beers, then be sure to give this one a try too.