German-Style Dunkel

One thing is certain, you can always count on Germany to produce a rich, balanced and complex craft beer that is full of flavour and personality. This beer is no different/ The German-Style Dunkel is a popular example that is a favourite of many beer lovers around the world. And for good reason too.

The Origin of German-Style Dunkel

Though brewed throughout the country, the German-Style Dunkel is most closely associated with the areas of Munich and Bavaria in particular. The use of Munich malt gives beautiful flavours of chocolate, toasted bread and biscuit. When the malt is put in the kiln, it browns, creating a host of amazing caramelized flavours. If you want to get super technical, this is called the Maillard reaction. All you need to know is that it makes it taste great.

Enjoy A German-Style Dunkel

Like many beers from this part of the world, the flavour lends itself well to heavier winter dishes, roasted vegetables and grilled or barbecued meats. Why not get the full experience and try it with some speciality German classics like bratwurst or sauerbraten?

Why Try A German-Style Dunkel?

Though dark and full-bodied, the German-Style Dunkel is a very well balanced flavour, not too sweet, not too heavy. Its flavours are a lot lighter than it’s dark copper colour might suggest. It’s easy to see why this is a firm favourite of craft beer fans around the world who love the great flavours without it feeling too heavy on the stomach.