German-Style Doppelbock

This beer is not for the faint of heart, the German-Style Doppelbock is a dark, rich and full-bodied craft beer that’s full of warmth and character. It’s brimming with delicious, sweet malt flavours which remind you of toasted bread and followed by earthy fruity notes of raisins and prunes.

The very best examples of the German-Style Doppelbock are dark and sweet. There are some lighter versions, but these tend to be much drier and more bitter than their darker counterparts. Stick with the good stuff.

The Origin of German-Style Doppelbock

No prizes for guessing where this is from. Doppelbock was originally brewed by monks (who else?) over in Munich, Germany. The term “Doppel” comes from the German word meaning “double”, which means that this is a strong beer indeed.

Enjoy A German-Style Doppelbock

This rich, malty beer is a great accompaniment to rich hearty food. Try it with strong cheeses, pork, casseroles or even a chocolate-laden dessert. It will be hard to find food to overpower a Doppelbock.

Why Try A German-Style Doppelbock?

True craft beer enthusiasts should get to know what Germany has to offer. Germany has a fantastic craft beer heritage dating back many centuries. Their Doppelblock is a fine example of a heavy-hitting drink made to enjoy with hearty food on a cold European day. While it might be a little overpowering on some beginner’s palettes, it is definitely worth sampling to develop those craft beer taste buds. You won’t regret it.