European-Style Export Beer

European-Style Export craft beers have a distinctive taste and history, and you may recognize them by the name ‘Dortmunder Export’, by which they are often referred.

The beverage offers a unique mix of sweet undertones and distinctive malt flavorings and has continued to grow in popularity since its creation in 1873.

The process of perfecting a European-Style Export is no doubt a difficult one because it relies on an expert balance of ingredients, aromas, and flavors. As a result, some breweries miss the mark when trying to recreate the iconic taste, often providing a craft beer that tastes slightly caramelized. A high-quality European style export can be characterized by the following qualities:

  • A spicy/floral aroma
  • Toasted malt flavors
  • Soft-textured
  • A straw to deep gold coloring
  • Fast-rising bubbles

If you are familiar with Helles and Pilsners, a European Style export is a combination of both drinks. If you’re a fan of either of those similar brews, be sure to pick up a European Style Export next time you’re on a beer run.

Enjoying a European Style Export Beer

Although we’d argue that you can enjoy a high-quality craft beer at any time, European Style Exports have a strong taste, therefore you should choose the kind of food you serve alongside it carefully. We find, it goes particularly well with a wide range of dishes, including:

  • Grilled Steak
  • Grilled Pork
  • Salads
  • Seafood (namely Lobster, Crab, or Shrimp)
  • Spicy dishes

European style exports are often described as being crisp and easy-drinking, meaning they are often an excellent drink of choice if you are hosting a dinner party, and want to offer your guests a delicious drink as a palette cleanser.

As with a majority of craft beers, they should be served at a cool temperature of around 45-50°F, meaning you may wish to chill them in the fridge or freezer for a short time before serving. They are best served in a flute style glass, which allows you to gain a strong appreciation for the strong aromas present within European-style exports. with every single sip. After all, when you are drinking high-quality craft beers, the experience of drinking is just as important as the taste of the beer itself.

Origin Story of the European-Style Export Beer

The European-Style Exports we enjoy today originated in Dortmund, Germany in the late 17th Century. However, the unique and distinctive flavoring caused a swift rise in popularity, and it quickly swept across Germany and beyond. Before World War 2, it was widely considered to be Germany’s most popular craft beer, therefore it is hardly surprising that it made its way overseas. Today, European-Style exports are sold in breweries across North America.

Why try European-style Export Beer?

European-style exports are a great way to add something new to your list of favorite beverages, particularly due to their unique taste. They differ slightly from other craft beers, meaning that they provide you with a new, yet easy-drinking experience and can allow you to branch out into new and exciting flavors. Therefore, whether you are looking for a drink to celebrate the weekend, or are planning the menu for your next dinner party, consider adding European-Style exports to your shopping list!