Contemporary Gose Beer

Contemporary Gose first originated in Goslar, Germany, and is known for its distinctively sharp taste and unusual aromas. The craft beer is characterized by sourness, saltiness, and a slightly herbal taste. This is not your average craft beer.

Contemporary Gose is also famed for its unique aromas, which include a unique blend of numerous aromas, from fruity to herbal, to floral to spicy. As a result, you must take your time when sipping on a Contemporary Gose to get the most out of the drink. The drink is also visually appealing, slightly cloudy and amber in color, with a medium-low body.

Enjoy a Contemporary Gose

The unique flavors associated with Contemporary Gose often mean that drinkers find it harder to decide exactly what to pair the beverage with. However, its unique taste means that it can add an excellent finishing touch to a variety of dishes, especially those that involve sweet-tasting foods, such as a fruit salad. It is also excellent when served with a dessert, meaning it is the perfect drink for those of us with a sweet-tooth.

Brewing Info for Contemporary Gose

As with many drinks, the process of creating Contemporary Gose has altered over time. Originally, it was brewed through what is known as ‘spontaneous fermentation’. This means that the brewer left the process of inoculation to chance. Inoculation refers to the specific moment when the yeast and bacteria come into contact with each other. However, as the recipe developed, brewers refined the process and it is more typically made through a unique combination of top-fermenting yeast and lactic acid bacteria. American variations are often made through a process known as kettle-brewing.

The Origin Story of Contemporary Gose

Although Contemporary Gose was originally brewed in Goslar, Germany (In fact, this is where the beer earns its name), it is closely associated with the city of Leipzig in east-central Germany, who helped the drink grow in popularity. Eventually, as the result of immigration, Contemporary Gose found its way into the hearts (and mouths) of those who lived in Canada and the United States and has continued to grow in popularity ever since.

Originally, the slightly ‘salty’ taste associated with Contemporary Gose was the product of local water sources, which contained a much higher concentration of salt than they do today. However, it is now added during the brewing process to keep up the tradition and ensure the distinctive taste remains prominent.

Why try a Contemporary Gose?

Gose is an excellent choice if you are looking for a change it up from your usual craft beer. It offers a unique taste that you just can’t find anywhere else and is particularly favored amongst those who prefer a ‘tart’ tasting drink. Typically, they have a low concentration of alcohol (usually less than 5%, though this varies depending upon your brewery of choice), which makes them a favourable choice for those looking for a beer with a lighter profile.