Chocolate Beer

Chocolate. A flavour that is a worldwide favourite. There are few flavours that can be used across many different foods and drinks, but chocolate is a top contender. When it comes to beer, there are few ingredients that craft brewers will not experiment with and adding chocolate to craft beers has become a popular choice amongst North American craft brewers.

The versatility of adding chocolate to beer is immense. Though typically associated with porters and stouts, as their profile likens to chocolate naturally, it is an ingredient that can be and has been added to lighter profile beers like lagers and ales to create some delicious recipes. Much like the popular coffee beers, chocolate beer styles continue to rise in popularity as beer lovers and chocolate lovers rejoice in this decadent beer style.

Brewing a Chocolate Beer

Whether or not you can taste strong hints of chocolate depend on when it is added to the beer-making process. For example, when the cocoa powder is added very early on in the process, the beer will have a subtle taste of chocolate. On the other hand, if it is added in the fermentation process, you can expect the beer to taste really chocolatey.

The Origin of Chocolate Beer

Chocolate Beer has been brewed in North America since the mid-1990’s but it has its origins in Europe prior to this. The popularity of Chocolate Beer has been on the rise over the past few decades, particularly in Canada and the United States where craft brewers have fallen in love with this ingredient and have created countless chocolatey concoctions from light ales to dark stouts.

Enjoy a Chocolate Beer

It might seem natural to want to pair a Chocolate beer with something else chocolaty but our recommendation is to skip the obvious and pair your chocolate brew with something fruity (like raspberries or strawberries) or something salty (nuts or even potato chips).
Another great way to enjoy a craft Chocolate Beer is as your dessert. Skip the chocolate cake and grab one of our favorite chocolate brews to finish off your meal!

Another fun way to enjoy a Chocolate Beer is to cook or bake with it! There are lots of great recipes out there (Chocolate Stout Brownies, anyone?) that make use of a chocolate beer. Get creative and  discover just hot versatile this craft beer style really is!

Why Try a Chocolate Beer?

Do you like chocolate? Do you like beer? Then try a chocolate beer! Plus, there are so many chocolate beer flavour profiles that each beer you try will offer you a different, but enjoyable, experience.