California Common

We can admit that there is barely anything ‘common’ anymore about the California Common, at least concerning its current availability when compared to its early years.

The California Common is brewed with lager yeast and goes through a fermentation process at ale temperatures. It offers a clean-tasting lager with a deep and rich amber color. When poured into a glass, it welcomes you to its world with a thick and creamy foam head that rises beautifully. Part your lips and relish its caramelly, grainy, or toasty notes, with a firm hop bitterness that offers the perfect balance to its malt content. It also has a distinctive touch of tasty minty flavors. Its moderately rich malt character settles down with a dry finish. Although this beer may contain some traces of light, fruity flavors from fermentation, it usually is spot on.

With a history going as far back as the 1800s gold rush in California, the California Common is an original American-style beer developed in the coolness of the San Francisco area. It was an initial attempt to match the fermented lager styles from Germany, which were cold even though refrigeration was not readily available at that time. They therefore resorted to lager fermentation temperatures that were higher than usual.

You can enjoy a nice glass of California Common with a juicy serving of pork loin, some tasty feta cheese, or even bread pudding.