Blonde Ale

Do Blondes really have more fun? The age-old adage doesn’t really apply to beer, because we mostly have fun when drinking any beer, but Blonde beers are one of the most approachable and easy drinking beer styles making the argument that maybe they are more fun! With its rich gold color with quality clarity, a lot of people make the mistake of calling any light-colored beer a blonde, but that is a common misconception as not all light beers are blondes. For brewers, nailing down the perfect Blonde Ale recipe can be a bit challenges as it’s a fine dance of flavours between the American “Ale” styles which tend to get more adventuresome with their flavours and more mild American “Lagers”.

Ultimately, any great Blonde Ale should be smooth, refreshing, and exceedingly drinkable. For craft beer lovers, this is an old, reliable classic flavour and for craft beer skeptics, this is a great entry beer to convert and heighten their love for craft beer.

The Origin Story of Blonde Ale

This history of the Blonde ale is short, albeit sweet. Blonde Ale became really popular in the 1980s, though its roots are found in the 1800s brewed in the same traditions as pale ale and Kölsch. Some beer and ale enthusiasts believe that it was likely started as a lighter version of the pale ale and was called a sparkling ale. Blond ale has now become an umbrella term as this style of ale is brewed in Brazil, France, and Noth America, but each has its own unique spin due to the different ingredients used locally that are native to the country it is brewed in.

Enjoy a Blonde Ale

There’s really no bad time to enjoy a Blonde Ale. The flavour profile is typically mild enough that whether you’re looking to enjoy a beer on its own or looking for a beer to pair with an afternoon meal. The best dishes to pair with this ale should be light, like a Ceaser salad. The sweetness from the malt works incredibly well with the Parmesan cheese that is traditionally in the salad. At the same time, the low hop aroma accentuates the crispness of the lettuce. Blonde ales pair exceptionally well with sweet, hot or spicy foods like those found in some Asian dishes, chilli, mango or jalapeño salsa. You could also pair this with roasted chicken, fried shrimp, spaghetti, Monterey jack cheese, and sugar cookies.

Why try a Blonde Ale?

This is a great beer to try if you don’t consider yourself the typical “beer drinker”. It’s light, flavourful, and you won’t be overwhelmed by any “weird” flavour combinations that you might find with a stout or a wheat beer. Blondes are reliable and if you see one on the menu, you can be pretty confident in what you are getting. This comfort is great for anyone not too adventurous in their beer choices but still looking for a delicious quality brew.