Belgian-Style Witbier

Quite a few beer styles are capable of taking the place of your fluffy white pillow after a long day like the Belgian-Style Witbier; this has little to do with its vast, white foaming bubbles, which stands proudly until the last drop graces your tongue. Not only is the Belgian-Style Witbier another classic Belgium-style beer, but it also goes down so smoothly you may end up gulping down a couple of cold glasses faster than you can say “Ah!”

The brewing process for the “white beer” requires unmalted wheat; however, you can use malted barley or even oats. It is unfiltered and cloudy, which is why it offers a very creamy and smooth sip as the liquid kisses your lips. It also throws off a bright and perfume-like smell from the use of coriander, orange peel, and sometimes some extra spices.

Its combination of subtle flavors with native yeast and soft wheat creates a delightful and refreshing summertime brew dating back hundreds of years. However, an explosion of the lager style sent the Belgian-style Witbier into obscurity – that is, until Belgian brewer, Pierre Celis, revived it in the 1960s. Thanks to this hero, this beer style is growing in popularity, especially on the American market.

If you want to enjoy your glass of Belgian-style Witbier, try pairing it with some Moules and Frites or mascarpone. You can also enjoy it with some panna cotta and relish the smooth mouthful it offers