Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic

Lambic beer has been brewed in Brussels and the Pajottenland region of Belgium since back in the 13th centuries, and it’s still going strong. Instead of using cultivated yeasts, Lambic beer relies on wild bacteria and yeast that’s native to the Zenne valley. It’s these unique factors that give the beer it’s deliciously dry, cidery and sometimes tart flavour.

There are many different types of Lambic beer but Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic is particularly popular. Framboise (raspberry), cassis (blackcurrant) and peach are amongst the most well-known, although strawberry and grape varieties are becoming more common.

You’ll also find rarer varieties of Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic, especially if you frequent craft beer festivals. Brewers have experimented with endless fruits in a bid to create the ultimate Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic, including lemon, apple, banana, pineapple, blueberry, plum and apricot.

Why Try a Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic?

Fruit beers have reached the mainstream in recent years and you’ll find them at many retailers and in pubs and bars up and down the country. However, not all fruit beers are Lambic. In fact, many imitators use syrup, rather than whole fruit, in an attempt to sweeten the beer and speed up brewing time.

Try a Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic and you’ll taste the difference instantly. Lambic is the oldest style of beer in the western world and the fact it’s still being brewed today highlights its exceptional flavour and quality. While a Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic probably doesn’t count as one of your five-a-day, it’s still well worth a try!