Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

The Belgian-Style Blonde Ale is a style of craft beer that is considered to be one of the easiest drinking styles to enjoy. Though hard to discern between its cousins, the Tripel and Golden Strong styles, the Belgian-Style Blonde Ale is a slightly sweeter brew with a lighter complexity. What does that really mean? It’s golden, it’s delicious, and it’s definitely worth a try!

Origin Story of Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

The Belgian-style Blond Ale roots are found in the Middle Ages, around the time lager was taking Europe by storm. People brewed their own beers out of the comfort of their own homes because beer was made for nourishment as opposed to taste. Brewers in Belgian decided to use their traditional Belgian ale yeast but creatively modified the grain bill to include a pale pilsner malt as a way to stay in business amid the slow prowl of modern brewers. This created the Belgian-Style Blonde Ale. Styles like Golden Strong, Blond and Tripel are similar.

This style of ale is thought to have evolved from the Golden Strong, though some beer enthusiasts believe it is the other way around. It can be hard to tell because both styles of this beer are so similar to each other, though the main difference is the sweeter taste. The Belgian-Style Blonde Ale also has an absence of the rich complexity of the Golden Strong and the Tripel.

Enjoy a Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

Pairing food with this style of ale is easy. Since the ale is sweet, light, subtle, and dry it is perfect with any kind of fish dish, particularly with those that are robust in flavor. At the same time, the subtleness of the ale could also go well with lighter fish dishes. The possibilities with this pairing are truly endless. The carbonation also cuts through fat, so it is a great pairing with creamy and thick fish dishes as well. You could also pair it with chicken, pasta, and other types of seafood dishes. Surprisingly it also pairs well with spicy foods like those often found in Mexican, Indian and Asian cuisines alike.

When breaking out the cheese plate, consider cheeses like brie, gouda or aged jack go perfect with this style. Unlike the dinner dishes in which you can get away with pairing this style of ale with thick and creamy dishes, dessert pairings should be kept light. If you are wanting to eat something unexpected, you could always go for a dessert with a spicy taste like ginger cookies or spiced vanilla ice cream.

Why try a Belgian-Style Blonde Ale?

If only to discover its similarities but also its differences from the loved styles of Tripels and Golden Strong ales, you should pour yourself a Belgian-Style Blonde Ale. This craft beer style pairs well with almost anything. it’s enjoyable to drink on its own, and it has a refreshing flavour profile that makes it go down real smooth. Need more of a reason?