American Lager Beer

American Lager Beer

The American Lager beer is an any-occasion style of beer. It’s one of the most popular beers in North America and chances are you and everyone else you know has a few cans of it in your fridge.

American Lager is often described as being crisp, light and refreshing, which makes them perfect for drinking on a hot afternoon, after a busy day or pretty much anytime you just ‘need a beer’.

There are endless options for when and what to drink with this beer, so you really can’t go wrong with having an American Lager beer.

What is American Lager Beer?

American Lagers are the most popular style of beer in North America. Think Budweiser, Molson Candian, Pilsner and about 100 more….

American Lager is the most widely accepted beer style amongst beer drinks and chances are, you’ve had it without knowing what it was.

American Lagers are made through a cool fermentation process and are then left to mature in cool storage. These beers are highly carbonated and are easy to recognize by their light flavour, light-color, amount of bubbles and the very memorable amount of foam they leave when poured into a glass.

The most popular American Lager Beers

There are hundreds of American Lagers available all over North America, but here’s a list of the most popular American Lagers in North America.

  1. Budweiser
  2. Coors Light
  3. Miller Lite
  4. Corona Extra
  5. Michelob Ultra
  6. Modelo Especial
  7. Natural Light
  8. Bush Light
  9. Heineken
  10. Keystone Light

As you can see by the list above, American Lagers are the most popular style of beer. Backed by massive companies with huge marketing budgets, this style of beer could easily be called ‘America’s Beer Style.’

The best way to enjoy an American Lager

All Lagers are mean to be enjoyed when the beer itself is at a cool temperature (in your fridge) and is best when poured into a glass. The best glass to drink a lager in is the flute-shaped glass, which helps maintain a ‘pillowy head’ (i.e the layer of foam that settles on top of the beer).

That being said, if you don’t have a glass, don’t worry, if your lager is cold, it’s just as delicious right out of the bottle or can.

Pairing food with an American Lager

American Lagers are perfect enough to be enjoyed alone, but they can also be paired with pretty much any food and still taste great! The versatility of these beers makes it an easy go-to when looking to enjoy a brew with a meal.

Here are a few of our favourite American Lager food pairings:

  • Nachos (plain or covered in meat, cheese, and other toppings)
  • Anything grilled on your BBQ or Smoker
  • Anything fried, deep-fried or generally not the ‘best’ for you

Where did American Lager come from?

Lagers came to North America as a result of a large number of people from Germany moving to the states, bringing with them traditional European lagers.

Before this, North Americans actually drank more whiskies or ales, as opposed to pale lagers or craft beers. The mass immigration to North America diversified the range of drinks available to the general public, especially to what later became known as an American Lager.

How is an American Lager made?

The American Lager was traditionally made from barley malt or corn. However, when corn and barley malt were heavily rationed during WW2 (between the years 1939-45), the recipe was adjusted to match ingredients that were more readily available, such as rice.

Today, some breweries continue to use rice, but many have also reintroduced barley and corn varieties into their beers. Thankfully, each of the variations tastes delicious!

Why drink American Lager?

There are almost endless variations of American lagers available on the market, each offering distinctive tastes and flavors for you to enjoy.

Due to the wide variety of styles and flavors to chose from, Lagers are often the perfect drink to pick if you want to unwind after a busy or stressful day.

Finding the lager that best suits your individual tastes might take some time and exploration but we think it’s worth the investment. Grab a mixed pack and taste the array of Lagers out there. You never know what you’re new favorite lager just night be!