American Imperial Stout

This is an American approach to stout. However, this particular stout might be the most able-bodied of its kind. Even its fully black color proves how strong it is. The alcohol level also takes the blame for the stout’s strong taste. Some might say this stout could be the darkest, most rugged beer in the stout family.

Besides being the most robust of the stouts, it is also a highly full-flavored beer. The American Imperial Stout can also be considered barley poppy in taste. The smell is a waft of delightful barley pop fun. On top of that, there can be a tartness from the roasted hops or malts.

Enjoy an American Imperial Stout

When pairing this style of beer with food, you want to be sure that the flavor of the beer does not overpower the food. An appetizing start is some aged cheese. For the main meal, a blackened ribeye pairs perfectly with the robust flavour of the American Imperial Stout. The dessert that pairs well with this stout is a flourless cake.