American Imperial Red Ale

This copper-colored beer came from the warm and sunny state of California. These brewers are credited with taking an already established beer style and leveling it up with a refreshed flavour and color.

American hops are used in the American Imperial Red Ale. This creates a moderate hop tartness, both with taste and smell. This sensation is paired with the sweet barley pop. It actually creates an even proportion of both the tartness of the hop and the sweet taste of the barley pop. This ale is going in the strong category that is for sure, both because of the taste and alcohol level.

Enjoy an American Imperial Red Ale

If you’re looking to pair this beer with cheese, we suggest Gruy√®re or mild Derby Cheddar. For dinner, go for something light like a grilled chicken dish to pair with the strength of the beer. If you’re looking to pair this beer style with your sweet tooth, it’s hard to go wrong with a delicious sticky toffee pudding.