American Imperial Porter

This beer falls into the category of stouts, and it is easy to see why. This beer, in particular, is the strongest in terms of alcohol and body out of all the stouts that there are available and it is very dark in colour as well as having quite a bitter taste. An American Imperial Porter can have a roasted flavour to it, although it will never taste burnt. It is a powerful drink that has more dryness to it than most Porters.

Origin of the American Imperial Porter

The American Imperial Porter evolved from the English Porter, which was brought over to America in 1700 and 1800s. However, porters fell out of fashion during the second world war, and they were not revived again until 1972 when Anchor Brewing Company brewed the first porter in the United States of America since Prohibition, during which the nation attempted to cease the selling and buying of alcoholic beverages.

Enjoy an American Imperial Porter

A drink such as the American Imperial Porter with such a strong body needs an intense meal to go with it. This means that foods such as steaks go really well with this drink as well as creamy cheeses. For desserts, chocolate pairs especially well with any type of porter but if you are looking for a more substantial dessert to pair with your drink, then a brownie is the perfect choice for you.