American Cream Ale Beer

When you hear the term American Cream Ale, you might not be sure what to expect. Anybody picturing a beer float? In reality, there is actually no cream in the beer whatsoever. It seems as though the word ‘cream’ is thrown in there just to confuse you. Instead, Cream Ale gets its name due to the fact that in traditional brews, it used to include lactose or milk sugar. However, modern variations of American Cream Ale do not often contain lactose and are instead made from ale yeast.

American Cream Ale is a delicious craft beer that is mild in taste, yet still delicious. So sit back, relax, grab an American Cream Ale as we learn a bit more about this puzzling brew.

Enjoying an American Cream Ale Beer

American Cream Ale is a delicious and refreshing drink year-round, regardless of the occasion. It is a great mealtime companion, particularly if you are enjoying firing up the grill for some Burgers or Brats. Due to the fact that it is a light-bodied craft ale, it also pairs well with seafood (namely mild shellfish), or a light salad. If you are a big cheese fan, Monterey Jack is also an excellent pairing. Thankfully, cream ale not only pairs excellently with savory food but can be a great accompaniment to your dessert too, especially if you are about to tuck into a custard tart or citrus-based dessert (lemon tart, citrus mouse, etc).

Essentially, you can crack open an American Cream Ale whenever you feel the need too. Don’t worry, we won’t judge!

The Origin Story of American Cream Ale Beer

Cream Ales were first introduced into the American market in the mid-1800s and were designed to be similar in style and taste to German-born lagers that were highly popular at the time. However, the taste of the craft beers varied greatly depending on which brewery you purchased the drink from, due to variations in both fermentation and ingredients. However, they were still grouped by certain common characteristics: pale, mild-tasting, and light-bodied.

During the US prohibition in the 1920s, the popularity of American Cream Ale continued to flourish, being sold in speakeasies throughout the country. They were also quickly popularized in Canada, who refined the techniques associated with brewing methods and the recipe, creating the Cream Ale we recognize today.

Why try an American Cream Ale Beer?

If you are looking for a light, refreshing drink, an American Cream Ale is always an excellent choice. This beer is sure to quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds at the same time. Furthermore, American Cream Ale is usually inexpensive compared to other drinks, meaning it won’t cause significant damage to your wallet either.

American Cream Ales are produced in thousands of breweries across the globe, offering plenty of options to chose from. Even better, breweries continue to provide unique spins on the traditional cream ales, offering plenty of exciting variation in taste.

If you’ve never tried an American Cream Ale before, what are you waiting for? Pick up a bottle today – you won’t regret it!