American Black Ale

As the title implies, an American Black Ale is a dark beer with a medium to high hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma. With its medium body and medium-high alcohol content, the American Black Ale offers a blend of fruity, floral, and herbal characteristics. The former can be accredited to the drink’s mixture of various hops, or grains, from different origins. Moreover, the drink can also be characterized by a moderate caramel malt flavor or a dark roasted malt aroma and taste.

The Origin of Black Ales

The black ale carries many aliases: the black IPA, the Indian Black Ale (IBA), and the Cascadian dark ale (CDA). While many dispute over the drink’s official name, it is universally agreed that the Black Ale is a dark hoppy beer.

While the origin of the black ale remains unknown, it is assumed the first black ales were produced in England during the 1800s. The Indian pale ale (IPA) is considered to be a predecessor to the black ale, particularly because of its similar high-hop content. Many accredit the first American Black Ale to be brewed by the Vermont Pub & Brewery in Burlington, VT, during the 1990s.

Enjoy an American Black Ale

The darker the ale, the richer the meal! For the cheese-plate, consider blue cheese, cheddar, or gouda. As for the dinner plate, consider fatty foods like spicy BBQ short ribs or fried chicken; each will nicely complement the craft beer’s bold flavors. Finally, any chocolate-flavored dessert can serve as a nice conclusion to this delicious meal.