American Amber Lager

An American Amber Lager is a medium-bodied craft beer distinguished for its amber color and caramel-malt flavor. This craft beer gets its special color from its malted barley, which is toasted to a brown tinge before being brewed. Amber lagers provide a nice blend between pale and dark beers. They can taste light and crisp like light lagers, yet carry a sweet and toasty aroma like its darker relatives. Amber lagers are very diverse, their hop bitterness can vary from being very low, yet noticeable, to medium-high and flavorful.

The Origin of The Amber Lager

Amber Lagers were first created in Vienna during the 1830s. Once German immigrants introduced the recipe to the United States, the beer gained popularity in the Americas.

Unlike Vienna Lagers, American Lagers are brewed from different ingredients. German brewers incorporated the American six-row barley into their recipe as a replacement to the European two-row barley. American barley is different from European barley in that it provides a higher tannic acid as well as a greater husk per weight. This difference provides the American lager with a different yet attractive flavor.

Enjoy an American Amber Lager

Eating grilled meats and vegetables alongside an American Amber lager can never go wrong. Spicy, salty, or roasted flavors provide a delicious contrast to the craft beer’s more sweet and nutty flavors. Another alternative can be to pair a Lager beer alongside a white cheddar or alpine cheese. Both kinds of cheeses can bring out the beer’s sweet caramel tones. As for those with a sweet tooth, accompanying a craft beer alongside any fruit dessert will nicely satiate any sweet cravings.