American Amber Ale

One of the beers that immediately comes to mind when discussing the American craft beer scene is the American Amber Ale. The depth of the color and the full-bodied flavor it offers has made it one of the most popular beers on the scene. Both caramel and crystal malt in the brewing process to give the ale its distinctive taste and color.

American Amber Ale

From copper to amber and deep reds, the American Amber Ale comes in a wide range of colours. The visual impact it can have is undeniable, but, as we know, it’s all about the taste. The body is usually moderate to heavy, using American hops.

This style of ale was developed in California and the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s, and the popularity of the beer developed from there. It continues to grow in popularity unabated as more people discover the beauty of American craft ales.

Enjoy an American Amber Ale

The great thing about American Amber Ale is its versatility. You don’t have to worry too much about which foods and dishes you pair the ale with; it works just as well with a sit-down meal as it does with a backyard barbecue.

The roasted caramel flavors mentioned above make American Amber Ale a perfect accompaniment to protein-heavy meats. That’s what’s made it a popular drink at barbecues and grilling sessions. Nevertheless, there’s no need to feel limited in terms of when and how you drink it.