Specialty Beer

Specialty Beer

Specialty Beer is crafted to feature unique aromas and flavours that distinguish it from mass-produced beer. When brewed correctly, specialty beer can be an incredibly complex and rewarding experience for the senses.

The best specialty beers are often highly aromatic, with distinctive notes of fruit, spice, or even chocolate. Whether you’re a seasoned beer drinker or just exploring the world of specialty brewing, there’s a brew out there that’s sure to please your palate.

Specialty Beer Details

  • Color: Varies-Varies SRM
  • Bitterness: 1-100 IBU
  • Alcohol: 2.5-25% ABV
  • Glass: Snifter
  • Temperature: 7-12°C
  • Color: Varies
  • Clarity: Varies
  • Hop: Varies
  • Malt: Varies

Specialty Beer Pairings

  • Food Pairing: Varies
  • Cheese Pairing: Varies
  • Dessert Pairing: Varies

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