Featured Breweries

Every year we put hundreds of hours into researching and ranking the top breweries in each city. From reading online reviews, checking websites, talking to industry experts and visiting breweries, the work to develop and maintain this website never ends. 

We love craft beer and everything that it stands for. However, we also understand that at the end of the day, the good people that built these breweries run a business and that sometimes, that business needs to get more people coming through the doors and buying online. This is why we offer each brewery on our site the option to be featured.

Get Your Brewery Featured

Having your brewery featured on our best breweries list gives you:

  1. First position on our list for your selected city for 12 months (above the actual list). There is currently ONLY one featured brewery allowed per city.
  2. Exposure to thousands of people a month that are searching for “YOUR CITY Breweries”
  3. Your choice of a brewery description which includes 2 additional backlinks from our site to yours

Here’s an example of what a Featured Brewery would look like on our site.

featured brewery example kelowna

Who should Get Featured

Any brewery that is on one of our best breweries lists should consider getting featured as the top result.

Our website analytics data shows us that the average user only looks at the first 3-5 breweries on our pages before they make the decision on where they want to visit. So if you’re not in the first 3-5 positions on our list, it’s a good idea to Get Featured.

If you ARE in the top 3-5 of our list, it’s also a great idea to Get Featured and get more brand awareness. Being at the top means you’re the first one people consider spending their money with. If that’s not going to be you, then it will be your competition.

Why you should Get Featured

Getting featured helps more customers see your brewery name at the top of our best breweries lists.

Being at the top of these lists automatically gives you credibility and helps them make their buying decision.

How much does it cost to Get Featured?

As part of an introductory offer for 2022, the investment to be featured above all the other breweries on your chosen list is $100/month for a 12 month period. This offer is available to any brewery for all of 2022 and is subject to change and increase in the following years.

Pricing After 2022

Pricing for Featured Breweries after 2022 will be based on a search volume scale. That means that the more people that search for specific “[YOUR CITY] Breweries”, the more it will cost to retain the Featured Brewery spot on our list.

For example, as of the beginning of 2022, “Edmonton Breweries” gets 2,100 searches a month but “Kelowna Breweries” has 5,400 searches a month. It would make sense that the more people that we put your brewery in front of, the more we charge for that position. This would make it so that the brewery that wants to be at the top of the list for Kelowna Breweries, pays more than the one wanting to be at the top of Edmonton Breweries.

After 2022, the list of City / Search Volume / Investment will be posted right here on this page.

How to Get Featured

Getting featured is as simple as a few steps:

  1. Fill out the form below with all of your brewery information
  2. Make sure to choose the city you want to be featured in (you will be the ONLY Featured brewery for that city)
  3. Submit the form and wait for a confirmation email that contains a Calendar booking link
  4. Book a time that best works for you to talk to someone from our team. That person will call you at the time and phone number you selected.
  5. On the call, we finalize your Featured Listing information, publish it on the website and send you the final invoice for this service.
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