British-Style Barley Wine Ale

British-Style Barley Wine Ale Beer

British-Style Barley Wine Ale is a strong, rich beer with a complex flavour profile. It is typically brewed with British hops and British malt, which give it a characteristic English flavour.

Barley Wine Ales are typically high in alcohol content, often exceeding 10% ABV. They are typically dark amber or brown in colour and may have a slightly sweet flavour due to the use of British crystal malt. Some British-Style Barley Wine Ales are aged in wooden barrels, which helps to develop their complex flavour profile even further. This is a perfect choice for lovers of strong, flavorful beer.

British-Style Barley Wine Ale Details

  • Color: 14-22 SRM
  • Bitterness: 40-60 IBU
  • Alcohol: 8.5-12% ABV
  • Glass: Snifter
  • Temperature: 10-12°C
  • Color: Copper to Deep Red
  • Clarity: Brilliant to Slight Haze
  • Hop: Very low to medium-low
  • Malt: Nutty, Caramel, Biscuit

British-Style Barley Wine Ale Pairings

  • Food Pairing: Roasted Game Meats (Venison, Boar, or Duck)
  • Cheese Pairing: Stilton or Blue Cheese
  • Dessert Pairing: Bread Pudding

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