Belgian-Style Lambic/Gueuze

Belgian-Style Lambic/Gueuze Beer

Belgian-Style Lambic beers are some of the most unique and special beers in the world. These beers are made with a blend of young and old Lambic beer, which is a spontaneously fermented beer made with wild yeast. The young beer gives the Lambic its tart, citrusy flavour, while the old beer adds depth and complexity.

Gueuze is a type of Belgian-Style Lambic that is refermented with fresh fruit or juice. The result is a beer that is slightly sweet, incredibly complex, and utterly delicious. If you’re looking for something truly special, give Belgian-Style Lambic beer a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Belgian-Style Lambic/Gueuze Details

  • Color: 6-13 SRM
  • Bitterness: 9-23 IBU
  • Alcohol: 5.0-8.9% ABV
  • Glass: Tulip
  • Temperature: 4-10°C
  • Color: Gold to Medium Amber
  • Clarity: Brilliant (but haze may exist)
  • Hop: Not perceived
  • Malt: Not perceived

Belgian-Style Lambic/Gueuze Pairings

  • Food Pairing: Mussels and Fries
  • Cheese Pairing: French chèvre
  • Dessert Pairing: Chocolate Cheesecake

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